Team Leader for Learning through Play Design and Innovation, LEGO Foundation

The LEGO Foundation was set up by the founders of the LEGO Group, the Kirk Kristiansen family, who chose to transfer 25% ownership of the LEGO Group to the LEGO Foundation to enable all children reach their full potential through learning through play.

More inclusive, more playful

Together, we can transform the way children learn. We can make learning more inclusive, more playful, and more accessible. The LEGO Foundation is a leader in global education financing and transformation. We imagine a world where all children learn through play. If you share this dream and can create pathways to impact with partners, you can be a leader at the Foundation.

To realise this powerful dream, we will become more inclusive and playful ourselves. Our strategic priorities for 2023-25 are being finalised and our organisation is being adjusted to align to these priorities. We agree with those who see leadership not as a position or a title, but as action and example. Together everyone in the LEGO Foundation will be and lead the change we want to see in the world. Our Team Leader for Learning through Play Design and Innovation will nurture this, will role model our values and continuously seek out strategic opportunities for higher impact for children.

We all live by our core values: imagination, caring, creativity, learning, quality, and fun.

About the position

  • The Team Leader for Learning through Play Design and Innovation is responsible for building and leading a team that will produce innovative best practice for Learning through Play to support all LEGO Foundation projects and partners with valuable solutions for products, activities, and training models.

Organisational responsibilities

As a team and functional leader, you have the responsibility to guide and direct your team through the following strategic, tactic and operational responsibilities:

Innovation leadership

  • Be on the forefront of successful innovation models for transforming education.
  • Innovate, develop, and share next level approaches to learning and experience techniques through play.
  • Scout and collect insights from industry and partners to ensure best practice in innovation and development.
  • Develop and install a child-centred design capability.

Innovation support

  • Support all the foundation’s other teams, activities, and partners with valuable context specific solutions for activities with tactile tools and products, training models, innovative pedagogies etc.
  • Take learning through play from classrooms to boardrooms, conferences, museums, sports partners and more.
  • Facilitate co-development of solutions with program partners.
  • Innovate master training programs for teachers and practitioners across focus countries.
  • Develop best practice learning through play onboarding programs for partners.
  • Develop powerful ‘Ah-ha’ experiences for caregivers and decisionmakers to appreciate how playful learning can enhance student wellbeing, joy and agency in any subject, in any context at any age.

Innovation implementation

  • Pilot solutions with programs and partners to build contextual match and pathways for scale.
  • Install a learning agenda to support the launch of products and solutions

Candidate requirements

This person will first and foremost be an individual whose heart and mind are aligned with the LEGO Foundation purpose and values. The person will thrive in playful environments, readily integrating fun, imagination, and creativity in the workplace. They will have a strong appetite for creating and sustaining impact in many different and often difficult contexts. In addition to this passion for its work, the Foundation is seeking a range of experiences and skills, including

  • +10 years of related design and innovation practice experience
  • Proven track record of innovation leadership and creative management
  • Track record of experience in leadership roles in developing innovative and playful engagement and learning models
  • Brings deep knowledge of facilitating creative processes and a toolbox for identifying best solutions.
  • Track record leading efficient, high-performing cross-functional teams with a thoughtful, empathetic approach
  • Excellent communication skills (verbal, written, presentation and public speaking)
  • Impeccable organization skills, with strong project and process management skills and a track record of dependable follow-through
  • Proactive problem-solving skills with consistent ability to drive even the most ambiguous situations toward clarity
  • Exceptional interpersonal skills with experience building and strengthening diverse, inclusive teams
  • Extremely adaptable with the ability to be reactive and shift priorities and plans when needed
  • Ability to drive influence and inspiration across all levels of an organisation.
  • Master’s degree in innovation or design
  • Experience from or knowledge of private foundations, non-profits, education and/or the development/humanitarian landscape would be a bonus

The position is based in Billund, Denmark, at the headquarters of the LEGO Foundation (and the broader LEGO Eco-system). We care for a work environment that’s diverse as well as inclusive and we value the uniqueness of all our people, while focusing on equal opportunities for all employees. Working from home some days each week is part of the organisation’s new normal.

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